James R. McCormick, Jr., Esq., partner at Peters & Freedman, L.L.P., has been granted membership in the College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL), a prestigious organization comprised of fewer than 150 attorneys nationwide. Fellows of the College are recognized as the most respected community association attorneys in the country.

With over 19 years in the community association industry, McCormick has served on various industry committees, presented at numerous CAI events and published many homeowner association-related articles in both print and digital format.  McCormick also founded a web site dedicated to providing a forum for collaboration and information sharing among homeowners associations and related industry personnel.  McCormick chaired the San Diego CAI Legislative Support Committee (CLAC) for several years and currently serves on the CAI Coachella Valley CLAC committee and the CAI Orange County PR Committee.  McCormick also co-founded and serves on the CAI Coachella Valley PR/Marketing Committee.

CCAL was established in 1993 by Community Associations Institute (CAI), with membership consisting of attorneys who have distinguished themselves through contributions to the evolution and practice of community association law. CCAL fellows are also recognized for committing themselves to high standards of professional and ethical conduct. CCAL provides a forum for the exchange of information among experienced legal professionals working for the advancement of community association governance. Its goals include promoting high standards of professional and ethical responsibility, improving and advancing community association law and practice, and facilitating the development of educational materials and programming pertaining to legal issues.

CAI is a national membership organization dedicated to helping homeowner and condominium associations meet the expectations of their residents. The organization accomplishes this mission by providing information, tools and resources to homeowner volunteer leaders and community managers who govern and manage common-interest communities. By helping its members learn, excel and achieve, CAI strengthens the governance and management of community associations throughout the country, making them better places to live.

Peters & Freedman, L.L.P., represents homeowner associations in all practice areas, including complex litigation, developer transition, governing document drafting, review, analysis and enforcement, FHA and FEHA compliance, assessment recovery, architectural compliance, ADR and IDR, writs and appeals, and contract drafting and enforcement. With offices in San Diego County, Orange County and Coachella Valley, Peters & Freedman, L.L.P. offers its highly effective legal services to homeowners associations throughout Southern California.

More than 62 million Americans live in an estimated 333,600 homeowner and condominium associations, cooperatives and other planned communities.