California Civil Code Section 2924b was amended effective January 1, 2009, to permit every association within California to record a document requesting a copy of a Trustee’s Deed Upon Sale recorded by anyone authorized to record a Notice of Default against real property.  In most instances this will be a lender who holds a security interest in a property located within a development.  While there are unfortunately no penalties for not providing the required notice, once the association records the request, a lender is supposed to provide notice to the address contained in the request within 15 days after recording the deed.

We have prepared a form that will permit associations to request this notice from lenders.  We will provide this form to associations whom we represent free of charge.  If an association we represent would like our office to prepare and record the form to ensure that all of the proper legal descriptions are included in the request, we will do so for a reasonable, flat fee.

Please contact our office if you or your association are interested in further information.