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P&F Opens New Office in OC

Contact: James R. McCormick, Jr. Tel: (949) 390-2977 Email:   PETERS & FREEDMAN, L.L.P. OPENS A NEW OFFICE IN ORANGE COUNTY  October 3, 2013:  The Southern California Law Firm of Peters & Freedman, L.L.P. has opened a new office in Orange County at 120 Vantis, Suite 300, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656. Tel: (949) 390-2977. [...]

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Man’s Best Friend: Requests for Exemption From Pet Rules Under the ADA and FHA

Associations are sometimes faced with a request by a resident for an exemption from a rule limiting or restricting animals to accommodate the resident's disability.  The use of an animal to assist a person with a disability may involve issues under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Federal Fair Housing Act (FHA), and state [...]

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Upcoming Webinar

Laurie Poole and Tracy Fuller Linkowski will be speaking at CACM’s upcoming Attorney Webinar Connection Series this June dealing with the New Davis-Stirling Act.  All community managers are invited to attend.  Learn more and register here:

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Smoking ban in California’s future?

NEWS FLASH! On February 21, 2013,  the California legislature proposed a state law that, if enacted, would prohibit smoking inside the dwelling units of those communities that contain 2 or more units with one or more shared walls, floors, ceilings, or ventilation systems..  The proposed legislation, AB 746, can be found at: If this [...]

New Rental Prohibition Law May Require Action Right Now!

The California Legislature adopted a new law regarding leasing restrictions within common interest developments.  Senate Bill 150 will go into effect on January 1, 2012 and adds Civil Code Section 1360.2 to the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act. Beginning January 12, 2012, any new governing documents (e.g., CC&Rs, Bylaws or Rules and  Regulations) or any [...]

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Procedural Challenges to CC&R Amendments Must be Brought Within Four Years

Our law firm worked with the Costa Serena Architectural Committee in amending and extending its recorded Declaration of Restrictions (“DoRs”).  This process was the subject of a recent Court of Appeal decision.  The case of Costa Serena Owners Coalition v. Costa Serena Architectural Committee, 2009 Lexis Cal. App. 1165 contains important rulings for all California [...]

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California Case Law

Peters & Freedman L.L.P. has been directly involved in developing significant California caselaw regarding amending governing documents.  Our firm restated the CC&Rs and Bylaws and was trial counsel in the Superior Court proceedings which were the subject of Fourth La Costa v. Seith (2008) 159 Cal. App. 4th 563.  Peters & Freedman, L.L.P. was also [...]

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2011 Legal Guide Now Available!

Welcome to the 2011 world of Common Interest Development Law!  Many of you have enjoyed our printed Legal Guides over the years.  For several years we have offered our Legal Guide both in CD format and in a digital download format.  Please feel free to download our 2011 Legal Guide from the link in the [...]

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The Digital Version of the 2010 Legal Guide is Now Available

Many of you have enjoyed our published Legal Guides over the years.  Over the prior few years we have offered our Legal Guide both in CD format but also in a digital download format.  We offer this digital download format again this year and it can be downloaded from the link in the right column [...]

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Is Your Association A Private Security Employer?

The answer to this question may surprise you.  Many large associations and associations with manned entry gates hire their own security guards rather than contracting with third party security companies.  Under new legislation in California (which will become effective on January 1, 2011), these associations, in addition to their private security guards, will be required [...]

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New FHA Guidelines

As our economy continues to suffer from a depressed housing market, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has taken steps to address some lenders' concerns.  These modifications affect condominium associations and could provide a benefit to your association.  CAI has prepared a FAQ related to the new announcements.  This FAQ is reprinted below with permission. CAI [...]

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Enforcement of View Provisions

The issue of view preservation is often a hotly contested subject.  Owners with trees and owners with views are often at odds with one another regarding their respective rights.  This issue is not unique to homeowners associations.  Earlier this year, the city of Encinitas found itself in the middle of this dispute when, after cutting [...]

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Limiting a Director’s Inspection Rights

The issue of whether a corporate director has the right to inspect documents protected by the attorney-client privilege in a lawsuit the director had filed against the corporation was addressed in the recent case of Tritek Telecom., Inc. v. Sup. Ct. (2009) 169 Cal.App.4th 1385. Tritek, a California corporation, was sued by Mak, a shareholder [...]

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Remember Your Reserve Funding Plan!

It is that time of year again; time for associations to being preparing their budgets.  Starting on January 1, 2009 associations are now required to also distribute a “reserve funding plan” summary to membership.  Associations are required to have a reserve study completed every three years.  Under Civil Code Section 1365(b) a summary of the [...]

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Peters & Freedman, L.L.P., Receives Best of Encinitas Award

WASHINGTON D.C., June 8, 2009 -- Peters & Freedman LLP has been selected for the 2009 Best of Encinitas Award in the Local Business category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA). The USCA "Best of Local Business" Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USCA identifies companies that they believe [...]

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