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Electronic Spying, Satellite Surveillance & Drones

By Stephen M. Kirkland, Esq. Originally Published March, 2015 Science fiction! Actually not. Over the last several years, technology available to the homeowners association has exponentially grown.  Drones have become the proverbial “Soup de Jour.”  An increasing numbers of homeowners associations use drones to inspect common areas, architectural improvements, combustibles on balconies in high rises, etc. Is this [...]

Sober Living Homes: How do we balance recovery with residential living?

Recovering addicts, as disabled persons, have the right to seek a supporting living environment, free from discrimination. Residents have the right to quietly enjoy their homes. Recovering addicts often seek out sober living homes (SLHs) to reside with others battling with addiction while attempting to transition back into sobriety. Many are successful. Unfortunately, when attempting [...]

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Pokémon Go, What HOAs Need to Know

As technology changes, so must community associations adapt. On July 6, 2016, Nintendo and software developer, Niantic, released the new cellular phone game called, “Pokémon Go.” In the United States alone, an estimated 21,000,000 individuals use the application daily. During the inaugural week, Nintendo’s stock value increased by 120%. While there has been some retreat in [...]

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2016 Legal Guide Now Available!

Hot off the press is our 2016 Legal Guide, full of new laws, recent cases, tips, hints and checklists.  We are in the process of dropping boxes of books off to our clients over the next week. If you have not yet received your physical copy and you would like one, please let us know.  [...]

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Questions Left Hanging After New Right to Dry Law

By Laurie F. Masotto, Esq. of Peters & Freedman L.L.P. In a continuing effort by the California legislature to promote and encourage energy-savings measures, a new law has been adopted which prevents homeowners associations from prohibiting or unreasonably restricting the use of clotheslines in certain circumstances to air dry laundry. For some, this new law [...]

P&F Partner James R. McCormick, Jr. Admitted to College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL)

James R. McCormick, Jr., Esq., partner at Peters & Freedman, L.L.P., has been granted membership in the College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL), a prestigious organization comprised of fewer than 150 attorneys nationwide. Fellows of the College are recognized as the most respected community association attorneys in the country. With over 19 years in the [...]

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A nuisance is much like any other alleged violation of an association’s Governing Documents in that there must be a power source for the association to take enforcement action. While it is easy to allege that someone is “creating a nuisance,” it is often more difficult to prove that a nuisance is actually taking place. [...]

Assessment Collections in the Wake of the Huntington Case

By: Christina Baine DeJardin Collecting assessments has never been an easy job.  There are pitfalls lurking around every corner and innumerable requirements waiting to be missed.  To ensure a clean foreclosure process, extreme diligence and care must be taken.  In the wake of the Huntington Continental Townhouse Association, Inc. v. Miner case, this job just [...]

Congratulations to Partner Christina Baine DeJardin

Each year the CAI-Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) attends a Legislative Day at the Capitol in Sacramento, California.  During this time, in addition to speaking to legislators and learning about pending laws, CLAC members come together to recognize the outstanding volunteer efforts of individuals who have gone above and beyond in their service to CLAC.  There [...]

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David M. Peters Recognized as Super Lawyer

Each year Super Lawyers invites lawyers and research departments throughout California to nominate top lawyers observed in action.  This complex selection process produces a final list representing no more than the top 5% of lawyers in California. "We are honored to have David M. Peters as a founding partner and as a pillar in the [...]

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Budget and Disclosure Time!

As management companies across California are in the throes of getting out the Annual Budget Report, we wish to remind you to include an Annual Policy Statement with the budget.  This Annual Policy Statement is a combination of disclosures that have always been included with the Annual Budget mailing, along with new disclosures that must [...]

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New Law – No Fines on Members During Drought – Effective Immediately!

Effective Monday, July 21, 2014, a homeowners association is no longer allowed to impose fines against members who reduce watering their lawns during a declared state of emergency due to drought, despite any provision in the association's governing documents to the contrary. Record low rainfall has prompted Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of [...]

P&F Welcomes New Attorney!

Peters & Freedman, L.L.P. is pleased to announce that attorney Grant W. Hamor has joined the firm as an associate.  A native of San Diego, Mr. Hamor attended the University of San Diego as an undergraduate where he received a degree in Humanities, graduating magna cum laude.  He then attended California Western School of Law [...]

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P&F Legal Guide App now available!

For the past 20 years we've been publishing an annual Legal Guide and so many of you have used them and abused them.  You've highlighted them, tabbed them and taken them with you to meetings. If you have an iOS device, you can now take our Legal Guide App with you everywhere!  Download it now! [...]

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2014 Legal Guide Now Available!

In the event you have missed the news, the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act was revamped last year and went into effect with all new code sections on January 1, 2014.  There was also a new Act adopted to govern commercial developments. We have updated our Legal Guide to include all of the new changes [...]

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