Most common interest developments in California are set up as Nonprofit, Mutual-Benefit Corporations.  As a corporation, the association must designate an “Agent For Service of Process.”  This designation permits someone wishing to file a lawsuit against the association to personally serve the corporation via the Agent. More often than not, the Association’s property manager is the Agent for the association. Compliments of SB 998, a couple of changes have been made to how the Agent is designated.

If an individual is designated as the Agent, a physical street address must now be provided.  A Post Office Box is no longer an acceptable address for a personal Agent.

All California nonprofit corporations must provide a mailing address on the Statement of Information (SOI-100) if (a) the mailing address is different than the street address of the corporation’s principal office, or (b) if the corporation has no principal office address.

If you are a self-managed association or a manager and responsible for filing the statement of information forms for your association, please remember these new rules when completing and filing the forms.  Please feel free to contact our office for further assistance.