Peters & Freedman, L.L.P., is pleased to announce a new collections system that will allow every property manager with whom we work to access your association’s collections accounts and status reports at any time!

With the current state of the economy, collection of assessments has never been more important for every association.  Staying on top of delinquencies is a top priority for almost every association.  While some collections issues drag on for years, others move very quickly.  Rather than calling our office or waiting for a regularly scheduled status report, this new system allows you to check the status of any account at any time.

In addition to permitting you to print out status reports for your associations, you can also view detailed information for any collections account our office is currently handling.

If you would like start using the new system, please contact James McCormick for a training session for your management company and to obtain your login information. Once you have your login information, you can access the new system by clicking this link.  Once there you may want to bookmark the page for future access.